Back in China

It's now been about 1 week since Ruth and I have returned back to China and already things have become hectic for us, especially with school, ministry and what's happening in China as it relates to the church as well as the Government. With the news of Billy Grahams passing, then the news that tensions between the U.S. and North Korea as mounting, as well as the announcement that President Xi will continue as China's leader (a stunning development) all of this begs the question, what is truly going on in our world? While I certainly don't have all the answers, I can venture to say that what we are seeing develop not just in Asia, but across the world is in fact a shift in policy, ideas and commitment toward a more global society. And it begs the question, how much time do we truly have for the church to labor for Christ with the gospel? Since I don't read tea leaves, I'll simply say that as China begins its push toward developing into a global super power that still clings to Communist ideas, one must beg the question, "What's next?". That, I believe is the question for us all to ask ourselves as we see the news daily of our world being turned upside down, either thru political uncertainty, wars, rumors of wars, and the push toward a centralized form of Government. It's all leading us down the road to a one world system.

So as I look at China and the work that lays ahead here, I pray that God give us time, energy and strength to do all we can to reach the Chinese, as well as the rest of the free world in preaching the message of the cross to all who will hear and obey. That is our assignment, and what pushes me even more while living in Asia, namely China.

My thoughts from China,